Sector: Education

Client: Ministry of Education and Training, Socialist Republic of Vietnam Asian Development Bank

Country: Vietnam

Description of Project:

The Project is a continuation of ADB funded Loan 1979-Upper Secondary Education Development Project which was successfully completed in 2011. Based on the achievements and lessons learned from the first phase, the Project will help the Government promote its ongoing reform initiative for USE through upgrading of teaching and learning to international standards, improving student access and retention, and strengthening school management for USE. The Project will be national in scope, with investments to improve access targeted to selected disadvantaged provinces.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

e.Gen is responsible for entire project management/implementation and following tasks to achieving project Outputs.

Output 1

  • Upper Secondary Education Quality Enhanced to meet International Standards:
  • – Improvement of teaching strategies through pre-service teacher training and in- service teacher training
  • – Provision of textbooks and development of instructional materials based on the new upper secondary education curriculum
  • – Improving the academic environment for gifted upper secondary school student
  • – Support for CECs to improve in-service teacher training
  • – Improving the quality of foreign language training and education
  • – Establishment of CPE
  • – Improved teaching of selected subjects

Output 2

  • – Increased Access and Retention of Disadvantaged Groups to Upper Secondary Education
  • – New facility development at existing upper secondary schools in target provinces
  • – Support for ethnic minority boarding schools.
  • – Pilot an inclusive education program for students with special needs
  • – Education for sustainable development support for disadvantaged groups.
  • – Capacity development of private sector schooling

Output 3

  • – Strengthened Planning and Management of Upper Secondary Education
  • – Capacity development of upper secondary education managers
  • – Provision of block grants to support local government.
  • – Support for pilot research studies for upper secondary education
  • – Support for enhancement of research and training capacity for education management

Output 4:

  • Support for Project Implementation, Quality Assurance & Monitoring
  • – Capacity development of CPMU, PPMUs, and other Implementing Agencies.
  • – Provision of equipment and facilities to project implementing agencies.
  • – Project monitoring, quality assurance and evaluation.