Sector: Education Social Development

Client: Asian Development Bank

Country: Timor-Leste

The TA will assist MOE in strengthening its planning and management capacity for technical secondary education. Specifically, the TA will support MOE in developing detailed policy and implementation frameworks for expanding and improving technical education, based on assessments of current learning outcomes, effectiveness of existing skills programs, and labor market needs for priority skills programs in technical schools. The TA will also support MOE in piloting the implementation of new skills programs in one or two priority secondary schools, while ensuring labor market linkages for technical education.

ta-9006e.Gen is supporting Ministry of Education, Republic of Timore Leste in implementing following activities:

(i) an assessment of learning outcomes among a sample of general and technical secondary students;

(ii) a review of curriculum relevance and recommendations for improvement;

(iii) an analysis of the recurrent unit costs of secondary education;

(iv) an analysis of the cost-effectiveness of existing skills programs, separately for males and females;

(v) a report on training needs assessments of teachers in a sample of existing and proposed technical schools;

(vi) recommendations for priority skills programs for technical education expansion, including cost estimates for required upgrades per school;

(vii) phased implementation plans for transforming selected general schools into technical schools, along with specific investment strategies that include financial and human resource requirements;

(viii) pilot implementation plans for one or two priority technical schools; and

(ix) delivery of capacity development workshops for MOE and school officials. Specific experts to be recruited for the assignments are as follows.

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