Sector: ICT

Client: Asian Development Bank

Country: Republic of Uzbekistan

TA-8260 UZB: Business Process Review, Re-Engineering and Development of Online Government Services – QCBS-01 BPR Firm (46444-001)

Objectives of the Assignment:

  • Conduct review/analysis of business processes for three priority government services (business registration, property registration, and e-procurement)
  • Present international good practices related to the outlined services and conduct an analysis of their adaptation and application in Uzbekistan
  • Review the national legislation relevant to all three priority services, analyze efficiency of their application in practice, and develop recommendations based on the results of the BPR
  • Establish baseline indicators based on review of business processes
  • Suggest redesigned workflows within responsible authority (agency) and among government agencies to the end users in order to optimize end-to-end processes, automate non-value-added tasks, and achieve significant improvements in critical areas (such as cost, quality, service, and response time) through the in-depth use of information technology
  • In close collaboration with the government agencies and team of individual consultants of the TA, develop and pilot online services for three priority areas.
    Upon completion of pilot projects develop recommendation to implement improved business processes nationally
  • Perform additional tasks as required by ADB and MITCD.


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