Sector: Energy and Power

Client: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Country: Bangladesh

Narrative description of Project:

Upon development of the energy standards & labelling of star grades for six appliances, BRESL program aimed to carry out a Pilot project for 3 of those BRESL products. Sequentially this assignment was developed as a continuation of the first phase of BRESL project. This assignment included-

  • Selection of Pilot Project Area and 50 Households(HHs);
  • Supply 3 BRESL products to 50 HHs of Pilot Project;
  • Analysis of the Findings and Data obtained from the Pilot Project;
  • Preparation of socioeconomic profile of targeted users in the pilot project;
  • Recommendations for removal of barriers based on pilot project experience;
  • Data collection about quality of non-star products (CFL & Fan) from open market;
  • Preparation of Database for overall scenario of Energy Efficient CFL &Fan;
  • Factory visits to find out the current capacity of Manufacturer of CFL & Fan;
  • Determine the marketing and advertisement strategy for 2 BRESL products (CFL & Fan);
  • Recommendation on Tax rebate, exemption pattern, loan facilities for manufacturers of EE CFL & EE Fan.
  • Preparation of leaflets, Festoon, Stickers with appropriate slogans for CFL & Fan products aiming to an Awareness Campaign and distribution among the stakeholders within seven divisional districts;
  • Green House Gas emission calculation;
  • Training/Workshop on CFLs and EE Fans

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Gen consultants Ltd. Screened out few target locations suitable for Pilot project on the basis primary information.
  • Project team visited those locations in person for short list the locations. Based on few criteria BRESL-PMU, BSTI officials and consulting team finally selected Village: Char Nagar, Union: Char Shideer, Upazilla: Palash (near Ghorashal) as the most suitable location of pilot project.
  • In that location 50 households was selected based on detailed information. CFLs and EE Fans was installed in those houses. In fact, households was selected in such a way that pilot project would reflect results on energy efficiency and cost savings by using CFLs and EE Fans.
  • Other Relevant data on the users in the pilot project was collected and analyzed.
  • A socioeconomic profile of the users was developed.
  • Experts prepared a report on barriers in executing pilot project and the steps taken for overcoming those barriers.
  • Consulting team visited the manufacturing entities (Factories) to find out their current Capacity. Leaflets, Festoons, Stickers with appropriate slogans for promoting the star labeled products was developed by e.Gen team and was distributed among the stakeholders in seven divisional districts. Through a quick survey, market status of the EE Products was identified. Manufacturers were also provide lists of their distribution points.
  • Based on the sales volume of these products Green House Gas (GHG) Emission was calculated.
  • 2 Days Training/Workshop was conducted on Energy Efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs).
  • 2 Days Training/Workshop was conducted also on Energy Efficient Fans.
  • Upon reviewing the present status, carrying out necessary background research Marketing and Advertisement Strategy was developed for each of the CFL & EE Fan Manufacturers.