Sector: Economic / Financial Management Microfinance & SME

Client: SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility International Finance Corporation

Country: Bangladesh

Narrative description of Project

Conduct a survey on a select sample of the SMEs in Bangladesh to obtain meaningful financial & market information on the sector. This information is viewed as a valuable resource for the financial institutions in designing their SME lending strategy.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

  • Establishing a national benchmark of SME contributions to the national economy that will assist formulating relevant policies; developing entrepreneurship, business creativity and links between SME sectors.
  • Reviewing prior surveys conducted in Bangladesh on SME, surveys conducted in other regions with similar macro and micro economic framework as Bangladesh, and financial chain analysis of the identified sectors according to rating.
  • Conducting a pilot survey among selected respondents and deciding on the sample size, sampling method and approach. Conducting an actual survey focusing on financial and market data.
  • Data tabulation and filtering, data analysis, benchmarking financial ratios, summarizing macroeconomic background with respect to the sector, supply chain profile and stakeholder analysis, product and market description of the sub segment, demand-supply gap, demographic profiles, financial profiles, industry profiles, key risks associated with the sector and its mitigants, estimation of financing potential, mapping of financial products according to sector requirements, and sector summarizing.


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