Tariff Reform Study and Preparation of Electricity Tariff for Consumers of Palli Bidyut Samitites (PBSs) Under Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB)

Assessment of cost of electricity service delivery, tariff study and preparation of electricity tariff for consumers of Palli Bidyut Samitites (PBSs) under Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB). The study is financially supported by the International Development Association (IDA) through a Credit to BREB. Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: The … Read More

Feasibility Study for the Project “Modernization of Power Distribution – Smart Grids Phase I”

 Narrative description of Project: The Consultant shall prepare, on behalf of WZPDCL, a Feasibility Study (inter alia consider technical, financial/ economic aspects and environmental/ social aspects) for the Project. The Project comprises both investment as well as institutional support to WZPDCL. The first part of investments relates to improving the 33/11 kV distribution system with … Read More

Feasibility Study and Project Proposal Development Solid Waste Management Scheme, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh

Brief Narrative Description of Project: The proposed project aims to provide a comprehensive solid waste solution for both the greater Kutapalong camp and nearby host communities driven by the collection, processing and remanufacture of plastic into useful and saleable items for both the camp and host communities. The project involves: Waste collection and sorting within … Read More

Consulting Services for Urban Building Safety Project

Description of Project: Urban Building Safety Project is to strengthen the building safety in Urban Cities by financing loans for building safety for private buildings through Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), and by improving the building safety for public buildings, thereby contributing to improvement of the social vulnerability of urban cities. Capacity Development of Bangladesh Bank … Read More

ADB LOAN-3427 CAM: Upper Secondary Education Sector Development Program – USESDP-CS-01 Project Implementation and Monitoring Consultant

Description of Project: The impact USESDP will be high-quality human resources developed. The outcome will be effectiveness of the upper secondary education system improved. The outputs of the program will be: (i) access to upper secondary education improved; (ii) quality and relevance of upper secondary education improved; and (iii) institutional capacity for planning, management, and … Read More

TA-9376 MON: Supporting the Development of an Education Sector Master Plan – Consulting Firm (51103-001)

  Description of Project: The Government of Mongolia has requested a technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to develop a long-term plan for the education sector that clearly maps the road toward the goals in Mongolia’s Sustainable Development Vision 2030 (the Vision 2030). The TA aims to strengthen planning and management of the … Read More

Disaster Risk Management and Institutional Strengthening (DRMIS)

  Description of Project: The Disaster Risk Management and Institutional Strengthening (DRM-IS) Project is a collaborative undertaking between the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), through a grant mobilized from the European Union’s Asia Investment Facility, and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). The Project aims to strengthen the scope and certification mechanisms of … Read More

Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program/Feasibility Study For Weather Indexed Crop Insurance Scheme

Description of the Project: The establishment of crop insurance is new in Cambodia. Initially the consultant will raise awareness of the key stakeholders including the decision makers within Rice-SDP9, in order to establish a basic understanding about the principles and the regional experience of crop insurance. Weather data collection, analysis and monitoring infrastructure and capacity … Read More

Institutional Capacity Assessment Study of Department of Explosive with Detailed Job Descriptions, standardization of laboratory and preparation of DPP to strengthening of the Department of Explosives

Description of the Project: The Department of Explosive (DoEx), operating under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, is the responsible public authority of the Government of Bangladesh dealing with issues related to commercial explosives, flammables and unfired pressure vessels. This Department of Explosive was constituted under the Explosive Act 1884. The Department of … Read More

Chittagong Strategic Urban Transport Master Plan

Brief Narrative Description of Project: The purpose of this assignment is to improve urban transport in Chittagong Description of actual services provided by your organization: To inform the authorities in Chittagong of measures to improve its urban transport system through the development of a master plan. To prepare pre-feasibility studies for bus improvement projects as … Read More