Survey on IT Education Sector in Bangladesh

Jan 15, 2020

Description of Project:

e-Gen has conducted large baseline survey and PRA to evaluate the effect of school education and sanitation in improving the quality of living in the rural household. The survey and PRA has addressed various parameters affecting the living conditions of rural people – economic, social, educational, and cultural. In the process assessment was made of the hygienic behavior of the children in the school where sanitation program has been intervened, the amount of safe sanitation information carried by them to their mothers, the response of the mothers in health aspect, the overall awareness of the family, and the ways to improve communication between the children and their family, and to motivate the rural women to efficiently learn hygienic sanitation practices from the children.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment

e.Gen would systematically assess the amount of information taken home by the school children and the impact on rural women in particular and on the family in general from the school sanitation intervention. The project will conduct a base line study on the extent of children and their families’ hygienic awareness, their sanitation practice and overall health benefit. Analysis of previous surveys, focus group discussion, questionnaire survey and rapid appraisal would be used and cross-verified to determine required target objectives.




Social and Economic Development, Information and Communication technology




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