Preparing SME Project Profiles on Potential Products in the Agro Processing, Light Engineering, Electrical & Electronics, and Plastic Sectors

Jan 15, 2020

Description of Project:

The main objectives of preparing project profile were, to provide guidance and ideas to the SME entrepreneurs on how they would design their own project and provide basic information on some potential and profitable businesses/products to the SME entrepreneurs.

Project profile is a vital tool for entrepreneurs. It is a blueprint which guides the entrepreneurs on appropriate and effective steps to be taken at each stage of their business. Entrepreneurs visiting SME Advisory Service Centre usually look for project profiles of potential sectors. They need a roadmap for marketing management, production management, human resource management, sales forecasting, optimum utilization of raw materials and resources, risk assessment, risk management, financial analysis including profit and loss account, productivity improvement and other aspects which can be addressed through a comprehensive project profile. Moreover, project profile can be a major reference document for banks and other financial institutions for assessing the credit worthiness of the entrepreneurs or enterprises. Project profiles can be used by SME Foundation to provide guidance and ideas to entrepreneurs.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

  • Identified the most potential and promising ten (10) products in each of the four sectors
  • Prepared 4 Project Profiles (one from each sector including micro and small industries)
  • Reviewed detail sector information.
  • Held formal meeting with the officials of SME Foundation and related associations.
  • Finalized the Methodology for preparing project profile and submit inception report
  • Conducted in depth field survey for collection of information on technology, machinery, raw materials, process flow diagram, demand & market of product, costing and pricing and so on.
  • Submitted draft project profiles.
  • Obtained feedback from SME Foundation.
  • Submitted final project profiles.

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