Financial Sector Project for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprise (FSPDSME)

Jan 15, 2020

Description of Project:

 e.Gen is working as Joint Venture Partner of PADECO, Japan, in this ODA Loan Project.

The team of consultants are responsible for provide the following services:

  • Capacity development of PIU for Project Management
  • Capacity development of BB for prudential regulation of SMEs Lending
  • SME lending techniques for the PFls
  • SME Promotion Activities
  • Study on Improvement of Access to Finance for the SMEs
  • Monitoring and Evaluation activities of PIU
  • Coordination of PIU with stakeholders

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:

Considering the features of fund implementation of FSDPSME: (i) high frequency of financing operation under which PFls can apply for financing twice a month; (ii) dual modes of financing comprised of refinancing and pre-financing; (iii) fast turnover of financing under which BB disburses the funds within two weeks of the applications submitted, the Consultant shall execute following services. The Consultant can propose any additional services which are beneficial for implementation of FSDPME in its technical proposal.

Consultancy Services to Support Bangladesh Bank for Project Management:

(a) Project Management

1) To assist BB-PIU in facilitating effective management of the Project and control of the funds

2) To assist BB-PIU in preparing and submitting the following reports to JICA;

  1. Quarterly Progress Rep0l1
  2. On-going Sub-project Summary Repo11
  3. Current Repayment and Overdue Status Repo11
  4. Project Completion Report
  5. Statements of Special Account, Project Operating Account and Revolving Fund Account
  6. Annual Review of the performance of accredited PFls

(b) Capacity Development for Lending to SMEs

1) Capacity development of BB-PIU

To arrange workshops, study visits, training and/or seminars on the following subjects for BB-PIU staff in order to facilitate their understanding of how to promote SME financing on the basis of other similar countries’ experiences in similar projects and situations:

  1. Operating Guidelines, including but not limited to the project monitoring;
  2. Scaling-down of collateral requirement;
  3. Prudential regulation of small enterprise financing
  4. Cluster and regional financing
  5. Lending to women entrepreneurs

2) Capacity development of PFls

  1. To assist BB-PIU by providing training modules & materials (handbook, presentation and case studies) and TOT in conducting training courses for PFls, such as through Bangladesh Bank Training Academy (BBTA) and Bangladesh lnstitute of Bank Management (BIBM), on the following subjects: a) Simplified loan application procedures and relationship banking, including how to assist SMEs and women entrepreneurs in preparing financial statements and/or business investment plan; b) Loan appraisal and supervision of long-term investment projects; c) Lending practices based on movable assets or cash-flow; d) Loan recovery; e) JICA’ s gu idelines on environmental and social consideration;
  2. To provide on-site advices, when appropriate, to selected SME Dedicated Desks, SME Service Center and/or SME  Branches of PFIs in the process of preparing the training materials.

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