Development & Customization of Web-based Financial Management System (FMS)

Jan 15, 2020

Description of Project:

The consultant team will be responsible for requirement analysis. system design, development customization of the software, field testing and rolling out the FMS in lAPP offices including PMU and two RPIUs.

Description of actual services provided by the staff within the assignment:


The Key Technology elements of the system based on open industry standards The system capable of generating the following types of reports:

  • Generation of all necessary statistical system reports
  • Generation of required financial management information report
  • All reports those will be revealed and agreed upon at the requirement analysis phase
  • Design new reports using report design tool
  • Report exporting capabilities in different formats like MS Excel, PDF, MS Word, etc.

For each and every report, data export in PDF, XLS and RTF format must be supported. There must be feature for offline data entry using XLS/CSV format and importing to the system later. Appropriate Access Control, authorization and authentication system must be in place so that users at different levels of the project organization can perform certain tasks as per their defined roles. Tools have been developed using PHP/MySQL.

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    Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh