Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Corridor 3 (Bishkek-Osh Road) Improvement Project, Phase 4

Oct 3, 2020

Description of Project:

For the civil works contracts as defined in the FIDIC General Conditions of Contract, e.Gen will continue to assist MOTR, the Executing Agency (EA) for the Project and the Employer for:

  • The civil works Contracts, in reviewing and approving the Contractor’s working drawings,
  • Supervising the civil rehabilitation works,
  • Monitoring the subsequent PBM services for the road sections, and
  • Ensuring due compliance with road safety standards, environmental protection measures, and social safeguards.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Assist the Employer in overall Contract administration work; Interpret the Technical Specifications and Contract Documents,
  • Review compliance with the Contract documentation
  • Review and approve finalized or revised ‘Issued for Construction’ drawings,
  • Supervise the Contractor’s work to ensure unimpeded and uninterrupted traffic,
  • Verify that the required maintenance and service levels specified for each section of the road,
  • Ensure the Contractor fulfils and strictly follows the relevant national environmental legislation and the ADB’s Safeguards Policy,
  • Prepare Corrective Action Plans (CAP) as required and needed,
  • Assist MOTR/Investment Projects Implementation Group (IPIG) in implementation by the Contractors of IEE, EMP, SSEMP, and CAP to ensure compliance with environmental safeguards compliance,
  • Assess the cost, responsibilities, schedule, location, and monitoring framework associated with the implementation of the mitigation measures and the EMP,
  • Provide guidance and quality assurance in undertaking the environmental monitoring as outlined in the EMP,
  • Monitor compliance with environmental mitigation, management plans (EMP and SSEMP), and CAP as well as the Contractor’s health and safety plan,
  • Monitor and report on the land acquisition and resettlement plan (LARP) implementation, including preparation of semi-annual social safeguards monitoring reports [SSSMRs] based on those complied during the detailed design stages,
  • Assist IPIG in collecting all the needed monitoring data on LARP implementation, including the establishment of a LAR database,
  • Prepare a Completion Report on LARP and due diligence report (DDR) implementation in English, Russian and if necessary, in the Kyrgyz language for review and approval of ADB and MOTR,

Regularly monitor implementation of the project grievance redress mechanism and inform MOTR and ADB about any project-related issues, requests and complaints received from and registered by the affected persons, local authorities and other stakeholders; and assist MOTR in addressing complaints related to the LAR and social safeguards during the project


Transport & Infrastructure


Kyrgyz Republic


Asian Development Bank (ADB)


2020 – 2025