Project Title Sector/Subsector Country Client Status
ADB LOAN-3427 CAM: Upper Secondary Education Sector Development Program – USESDP-CS-01 Project Implementation and Monitoring Consultant Education Social Development Cambodia MoEYS, CambodiaAsian Development Bank Ongoing
TA-9376 MON: Supporting the Development of an Education Sector Master Plan – Consulting Firm (51103-001) Education Social Development Mongolia Asian Development Bank Ongoing
Climate-Resilient Rice Commercialization Sector Development Program/Feasibility Study For Weather Indexed Crop Insurance Scheme Agriculture Cambodia Asian Development Bank Contract-signed
TA 9006 TIM: Policy and Planning for skills Development in Secondary Education Education Social Development Timor-Leste Asian Development Bank Ongoing
Third Capital Market Development Program Economic / Financial Management Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Contract-signed
TA-8260 UZB: Business Process Review, Re-Engineering and Development of Online Government Services ICT Republic of Uzbekistan Asian Development Bank Ongoing
ADB Loan No.3167-CAM Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector Development Program (TVETSDP) Education Cambodia Asian Development Bank Ongoing
SRI: Green Power Development and Energy Efficiency Improvement Investment Program Tranche 1 C2 Consultancy for Project Management Support for Preparation of Tranche 3 Energy and Power Sri Lanka Asian Development Bank Ongoing
PPTA-8597-BAN: Preparing the SASEC Railway Connectivity Investment Program Infrastructure & Transport Bangladesh Bangladesh RailwayAsian Development Bank Ongoing
Upper Secondary Education Development Project in Vietnam Education Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, Socialist Republic of VietnamAsian Development Bank Ongoing
TA 8818 PAK Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program II – Project Preparation for MFF and Tranche 1 Energy and Power Pakistan Asian Development Bank Ongoing
Loan 2966-BAN – Power System Expansion and Efficiency Improvement Investment Program – Tranche 3 Preparation Consultants Energy and Power Bangladesh Power CellGovernment of BangladeshAsian Development Bank Ongoing
Preparing Coastal Towns Infrastructure Improvement Infrastructure & Transport Social Development Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Completed
Inclusive MSME Development Project (MSMEDP) – MSME Institutional and Legal Enhancement Consultancy Package Economic / Financial Management Microfinance & SME Maldives Republic of MaldivesMinistry of Economic Development (MED)Asian Development Bank Ongoing
TA-8228 BAN: Enhancing Efficiency Of The Capital Market Economic / Financial Management Public Finance Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Completed
Capacity Development of the Department of Land Records and Surveys and Modernization of Cadastral Maps’ Storing, Preserving and Retrieval System Project (DLRS) Infrastructure & Transport Social Development Bangladesh Government of BangladeshAsian Development Bank Completed
South Asia Tourism Infrastructure Development Project (SATIDP) for Bangladesh, India and Nepal – (Bangladesh Portion) Social Development Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Completed
TA 7604-BAN: Supporting the Governance Management Project – Electronic Submission of Tax Returns (for direct tax) ICT Bangladesh National Board of RevenueAsian Development Bank Completed
TA-7889 BAN: Power System Efficiency Improvement Project II Energy and Power Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Completed
TA-7826 BAN: Support for Climate Change Mitigation and Renewable Energy Development Energy and Power Bangladesh Asian Development Bank Completed