INSPIRED- Technical Assistance to support the Bangladeshi Bank Training Institution, Bangladesh

Jan 15, 2020 | Finance & Risk

Description of Project

Narrative description of Project:

Strengthening the capacity of BBTA and BIBM to develop and deliver effective and self-sustaining training programmes on SME banking, in particular in areas of policies, regulations, inspection/supervision, risk management, product development & marketing, and training methodologies, credit risk management, product development & marketing, and training methodologies etc. Improving awareness of Bangladeshi financial sector policy makers and regulators of the special needs of SME financing and how best to serve these needs. Identifying the major hindrances for obtaining credit by women entrepreneurs – the demand side, and to identify the major hindrances for commercial banks to provide credit – the supply side. In addition to provide a “catalogue” for subsequent discussions on how to overcome the hindrances. Capacity building of SME women entrepreneurs aiming at improving their access to finance.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Research on the current hindrances for financing women entrepreneurs based on the demand side (the women entrepreneurs) and the supply side (the financial institutions). Based on the research, conclusions/suggestions on how to overcome the hindrances will be listed and explained. Conduct an approximately two hours’ presentation using the power point presentation. Documentation in details the outcome of the entire Forum/Seminar aiming at a deliverable which will be the “key document” for the subsequent design of a 3 days training session for BIBM’s faculty members and external trainers. Design a training manual. Train selected local trainers, who will later provide entrepreneurship training to the potential women entrepreneurs in different parts of Bangladesh. Train selected women entrepreneurs as trainers. Adjustment of the training material and approach after the 1st training course, and written assessment/rating of selected trainees as potential trainers of all trainees.

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