Finance and Risk

The role of finance is experiencing a major evolution in the modern world, a transformation led by the emergence of new technologies and markets in the sector. Businesses have begun exploring markets for microfinance, crowdfunding, algorithmic trading, and impact investing among numerous other vistas, while governments have been looking to enact more robust regulations in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008. Technological innovations have been major industry disruptors, revolutionizing risk analysis, sales, marketing, investments, wealth management and compliance in the sector, and empowering financial institutions to provide more customized services by using customer data to tailor assistance to individuals. Amidst the unique challenges posed by the more tech-savvy markets of today, financial institutions must be able to craft solutions to problems arising from loss of customer trust and commoditization of services, dealing with greater competition, and identifying how best to embrace and integrate new technology into their businesses. e.Gen has been working with financial institutions and government financial entities for a long time, and is very well-acquainted with contemporary trends in the sector. e.Gen’s portfolio of services includes financial management assessments and due diligence, capital market development, financial automation and integrated financial management systems, public expenditure management, accounting and audit, post procurement reviews, fiduciary risk assessment, taxation, bank advisory, and Islamic finance.

Key Facts

e.Gen has implemented 40 projects across 15 countries so far in the Finance & Risk Domain

In Bangladesh, we are supporting the government in stabilizing the capital market through improved operational efficiency, strengthened governance and enhanced investment diversity

In Cambodia, e.Gen is conducting on-field pilot implementation, after completing the Feasibility Study, for Weather Index Crop Insurance Scheme (WICI)

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Mohammad Tahsin Nawaz

Mohammad Tahsin Nawaz

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