Consulting Services for Urban Building Safety Project

Sep 25, 2019 | Transport & Infrastructure

Description of Project:

Description of Project: Urban Building Safety Project is to strengthen the building safety in Urban Cities by financing loans for building safety for private buildings through Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs), and by improving the building safety for public buildings, thereby contributing to improvement of the social vulnerability of urban cities. Capacity Development of Bangladesh Bank (BB) and PFIs is also one of the scopes of the Project which indicates to strengthen the managerial and technical capacity of Bangladesh Bank and PFIs to achieve the efficient and proper preparation and implementation of the project, especially on Two Step Loan (TSL) for RMG sector financing.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

The following services will be provided:

1)           Project Management of TSL

2)           Capacity development for TSL Lending

3)           Promotion Activities of the Project

4)           Monitoring and Evaluation activities of TSL

5)           Environmental Management

6)           Coordination with PWD-PIU and its Consultant

Considering the features of fund implementation of Urban Building Safety Project (UBSP): (i) high frequency of financing operation under which PFIs can apply for financing twice a month; (ii) dual modes of financing comprised of refinancing and pre-financing; (iii) fast turnover of financing under which BB disburses the funds within two weeks of the applications submitted, the Consultant shall execute following services.  The Consultant will propose additional services which are beneficial for implementation of UBSP.

Project Management of TSL

  • To assist BB-PIU in facilitating effective management of the Project and control of the funds
  • To assist BB-PIU in preparing and submitting the following reports to JICA;
    1. Quarterly Progress Report
    2. On-going Sub-project Summary Report
    3. Current Repayment and Overdue Status Report
    4. Project Completion Report
    5. Statements of Special Account, Project Operating Account and Revolving Fund Account
    6. vi)Annual Review of the performance of accredited PFIs

Capacity Development for TSL Lending

  • Capacity development of BB-PIU: To hold workshops and/or seminars on the Operating Guidelines for BB-PIU staff in order to facilitate their understanding of how to promote building safety financing; and
  • Capacity development of PFIs: To assist BB-PIU in conducting training courses for PFIs, on the following subjects:
    1. Simplified loan application procedures and relationship banking, including how to promote financing to RMG sector in preparing financial statements and/loan application;
    2. Loan appraisal and supervision of long-term investment projects;
    3. Lending practices based on packaging loan such as loan for procurement of equipment and facilities together with building safety;
    4. Loan recovery;
    5. JICA’s guidelines on environmental and social consideration;

Promotion activities of the Project

  • To assist BB-PIU in preparing such publicity materials as brochure and advertisement for the Project, in which Japanese assistance is referred to:
  • To assist BB-PIU in promoting the Project in use of the above-mentioned publicity materials through PFI as well as such a channel as business associations.;
  • To assist BB-PIU in organizing workshops and seminars to promote building safety to factories by utilizing the function of business associations;

Monitoring and Evaluation activities

To assist BB-PIU in conducting Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) including Impact Assessment on topics such as improvement of efficiency by change of working environment, reputation from abroad to the targeted factories through the building safety.

Environmental Management

To assist BB-PIU in identifying and managing the environmental issues those hamper our financial and economic development. The consultant will assist to implement sustainable banking activities and protect the finance from environmental risk by making complying with the Environmental Risk Management (ERM).

Coordination with PWD-PIU and its Consultant

In this project, the component of Civil Works and Equipment Procurement for Public Building Safety will be implemented under Public Works Department (PWD). Also, for the engineering aspect of TSL component, PWD Project Implementation Unit (PWD-PIU) and the Consultant which PWD-PIU will ensure the technical part. With this regard, the Consultant for TSL is highly requested to closely coordinate with PWD-PIU as well as the Consultant for PWD-PIU. In this context, the Consultant shall;

  1. To assist BB-PIU in coordinating with PWD-PIU and its Consultant providing technical assistance to PFIs and candidates of end-user for accelerating loan procedures.



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