Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources

The ever increasing global population, projected to hit the 10 billion mark by 2050, has thrown our ability to feed ourselves into jeopardy. The global thrust to produce enough food has unfortunately often come at the expense of the environment; attempts to clear more land for production result in widespread deforestation, water resources are heavily taxed, and delicate ecological balances are disrupted. The biggest challenges facing the world will thus be intertwined with embracing greater sustainability and efficiency in food production and distribution, transforming agricultural systems and rural economies, and astute natural resource management.

e.Gen understands that the core challenge facing the agricultural sector is producing efficiently, while also preserving and enhancing farmers’ livelihoods. Our services include assisting farmers with improving crop yields, providing engineering and project implementation assistance for agricultural infrastructure development initiatives, and analyzing value chains in agricultural markets. In addition, we also work to improve farmers’ livelihoods by providing capacity building and training for adoption of better technologies and practices, analyze markets for potential growth, and provide comprehensive environmental management services.

Key Facts

We have implemented a total of 16 projects across 4 countries so far in the Agriculture, Environment & Natural Resource Management sector

Currently we are working with the Government of Cambodia in promoting long-term environmental sustainability and enhance the profitability for farmers and agribusinesses as part of ADB’s flagship regional program Climate-Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project

We are also working with various communities in the Philippines to help them grow in resilience, and cope and recover from the impacts of disasters and natural hazards

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