Sector: Energy and Power

Client: Asian Development Bank

Country: Bangladesh

Name of associated Consultant :

  • ECA, UK

Description of Project:

 e.Gen as the lead firm is assisting the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) to develop (i) a renewable energy development road map; (ii) wind potential mapping in the selected coastal area; (iii) identification of one concentrated solar power and one wind power plant project; and (iv) training and capacity building support to SEDA staff, especially on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), carbon trading, and related activities. The outcome of the TA was SEDA’s readiness and capability to meet the business projections and fulfill its mandates. The Power Division under the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources is the executing agency.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Reviewing government strategies, policies, legal framework, and regulations on the renewable energy sector;
  • Reviewing the available and relevant documentation on renewable energy development, including existing and proposed renewable energy projects, particularly solar Photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, wind power, biogas, and waste power projects;
  • Consulting and coordinating with relevant government agencies and other donors, with assistance from other team members, to identify feasible supporting policy options including an energy tariff, incentive and disincentive measures, legal and regulatory framework, monitoring and evaluation framework, and institutional arrangements, to encourage implementation of renewable energy projects;
  • Identifying areas and subsectors suitable for renewable energy development interventions for ADB, ensuring no overlapping with or duplication of programs being implemented by other development partners;
  • Developing stakeholder-accepted selection criteria for a list of investment projects and pilot projects that should be ranked according to priority;
  • Developing a renewable energy strategy and action plan for the Bangladesh power sector, to be implemented in the medium to long-term (up to 2020), which shall focus on public policy initiatives to facilitate financing and overcoming institutional barriers;
  • Using previous satellite-based wind maps by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory and other existing second-hand wind data, select one representative site along the coastal area of Bangladesh for commercial grade site measurement;
  • Prepare the wind measurement program, including proposing the wind measuring equipment, methodology, and assessing quality of existing data to be used for the wind measurement;
  • Procuring a wind measurement station, and supervise installation and commission of such equipment;
  • Monitoring and collect data over a period of 1 year, categorize and analyse the collected data, and complete the wind measurements in selected sites;
  • Preparing the operating arrangement, including quality control procedures and data management procedures, once the government takes over the running and management of the wind measurement station;


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