Third Capital Market Development Program

The objective of this project is to: (i) meet the capacity building needs of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) and the Insurance Development and Regulatory Authority (IDRA) to help both regulators discharge their oversight functions more effectively; (ii) strengthen the BSEC and IDRA for implementing reforms under the third capital market program; and … Read More

TA-8260 UZB: Business Process Review, Re-Engineering and Development of Online Government Services

TA-8260 UZB: Business Process Review, Re-Engineering and Development of Online Government Services – QCBS-01 BPR Firm (46444-001) Objectives of the Assignment: Conduct review/analysis of business processes for three priority government services (business registration, property registration, and e-procurement) Present international good practices related to the outlined services and conduct an analysis of their adaptation and application in … Read More

ADB Loan No.3167-CAM Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector Development Program (TVETSDP)

Description of Project: Objectives of the Assignment included (i) increased access to TVET programs, particularly for women and the poor; (ii) improved quality and relevance of the TVET system; (iii) in-creased involvement of employers in TVET delivery; and (iv) strengthen governance and management of TVET system. Description of actual services provided by your staff within … Read More

SRI: Green Power Development and Energy Efficiency Improvement Investment Program Tranche 1 C2 Consultancy for Project Management Support for Preparation of Tranche 3

Description of Project: Objective of procurement of consulting services was for Project Management Support For Tranche 2 Sub-Projects which included: Transmission projects Distribution project Demand Side Management projects covering smart grid, smart buildings and cold storage Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: The Consultants’ scope of work covered two major … Read More

PPTA-8597-BAN: Preparing the SASEC Railway Connectivity Investment Program

Description of Project: A thorough review and update of the current Master Plan to incorporate the latest government transportation policies and strategic plans that directly impact on BR including Dual gauge conversion, economic development, and multimodal integration. Assessment of the rolling stock would directly follow the Master Plan so that fleet requirements, phase-wise could be … Read More

Upper Secondary Education Development Project in Vietnam

Description of Project: The Project is a continuation of ADB funded Loan 1979-Upper Secondary Education Development Project which was successfully completed in 2011. Based on the achievements and lessons learned from the first phase, the Project will help the Government promote its ongoing reform initiative for USE through upgrading of teaching and learning to international … Read More

Redesign of Kabul Municipality Financial Management System

Description of Project: Kabul Municipality has been suffering from lower own source revenue. Annual revenue of KM was approximately US$50.5 million (2011/2012); once recurrent expenditures of roughly 63 percent are accounted for, only US$19 million remains for the city’s development budget, translating into a per capita equivalent of about US$4.87, extremely low by international standards … Read More

TA 8818 PAK Power Transmission Enhancement Investment Program II – Project Preparation for MFF and Tranche 1

Description of Project: The project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) required conductance of due diligence for the MFF and tranche 1.  Tranche 1 was expected to include 4 to 6 sub-projects, consisting of new the rehabilitation, augmentation and expansion of transmission lines, substations and supporting Infrastructure. The main objective of the PPTA was to: Prepare the … Read More

ESIA, ESMP Study of a 75MW Power Plant and Quality Standards Gap Analysis Study

The objective of the project is to conduct the following for a private funded 75 MW captive-gas based power plant in Bangladesh: Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Environmental & Social Management Plan Adherence to IFC EHS Standards, EHS Thermal Power Plant Standards and IFC Performance Standards Quality Management Gap Analysis for OHSAS 18001 certification and SA … Read More

Loan 2966-BAN – Power System Expansion and Efficiency Improvement Investment Program – Tranche 3 Preparation Consultants

Description of Project: Power Cell under Power Division of Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources is assigned the responsibility of conducting due diligence on Tranche 3 of the Power System Expansion and Efficiency Improvement Investment Program funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). With supports of ADB, Power Cell has recruited e.Gen Consultants Ltd. … Read More