Sector: Infrastructure & Transport

Client: World Bank Government of Bangladesh

Country: Bangladesh

Brief Narrative Description of Project:

The purpose of this assignment is to improve urban transport in Chittagong

Description of actual services provided by your organization:

  1. To inform the authorities in Chittagong of measures to improve its urban transport system through the development of a master plan.
  2. To prepare pre-feasibility studies for bus improvement projects as priority investment.

We understand achievement of these broad objectives will be facilitated by achievement of the following specific objectives:

  1. To review existing transport policies and projects.
  2. To carry out travel demand and traffic studies.
  3. To develop a strategic level urban transport master plan.
  4. To develop a pre-feasibility study for short-term and long-term priority interventions.
  5. To develop institutional restructuring proposal for an efficient and quality public bus service in Chittagong, and for transport management in general