The Core Management

Syed Maksud Hasan
Executive Director
Emran Hossain
General Manager, Finance & Administration

The Executive Team

Redwanul Islam
Senior Assistant Manager, Business Development Unit
Amit Datta Roy
Assistant Manager, Business Development Unit
M. Hasan Tawfique
Assistant manager, Business Development Unit
Md. Rashed Mamun
Manager, Project Management Unit
Sanjir Ali
Assistant Manager, Project Management Unit
Noushin Akhter Nova
Business Development Executive
Adnan Ahmed
Business Development Executive
Avirup Sarkar
Business Development Executive

Finance, Administration & IT

Md. Mahtab Hossain
Executive Accounts & Logistics
Mohiuddin Khokan
Manager, Technical Support & Documentation
Nizam Uddin Ahmmad
Deputy Manager, Technical Support & Documentation